Our Operation & Cows

We are a small family-operated herdshare dairy farm. Owned by Phil and Lisa Shockley, this farm first began with one dairy cow for personal consumption in 2020. Soon locals became also interested in obtaining raw milk for themselves. In order for this to happen, we needed to become a herdshare where others could buy into the herd. In a short amount of time, we went from one cow to a herd of 25 various dairy breeds that include Ayrshire, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Guernsey and Maine Anjou

We raise these dairy breeds to produce raw milk. Raw milk is pure milk that has NOT been pasteurized or homogenized. We feed our cows an all-plant based diet of pasture-grazing, alfalfa, and high plant protein grain. We produce on average 100 gallons of milk per week. We collect this milk on behalf of the herdshare members .


Our cows are machine milked daily, and the milk is then strained and bottled immediately after.  This milk can last easily 3 weeks unopened or 10-12 days after opening. Please read below about our treatment to our cows
  • 100% pasture grazing (no barn confinement)
  • Non GMO feed
  • No Steroids, No Hormones, No vaccines or MRNA
  • Calves remain with mom two full weeks exclusively then we share the milk with the calf for 4 more weeks. At that point the calf is weaned off the mother.