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What is a Herd Share?

A herd share is an agreement between you and your farmer.  You buy a share in the herd and pay the farmer for services related to the care, boarding, feeding and milking of the herd.  If you wish to drink raw milk; you must first buy a share of the farmer's herd and sign a contract.  Once you have bought into the herd, you can now legally obtain raw milk from your farmer.  Every time you want to collect your allotment (1/2-gallon, gallon, etc.) you will reimburse the farmer for costs incurred for boarding, feeding, and caring for your part of the herd.  The one-time buy-in fee for one share is $20.  After that you only have to pay the farmer's fee below: $6 per half gallon, $12 per pint of heavy cream, $16 for 8oz-10oz butter etc.  Please click the "shop now" button for more products. PLEASE READ AND SIGN THE HERDSHARE AGREEMENT BEFORE BUYING A SHARE OR ORDERING PRODUCTS.  YOU CAN CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP ANY TIME.

Herd Share Agreement.pdf